Radio for Helmar

Hey Everyone 
I was given two old radios by my dad and couldn't wait to use one the other I couldn't bring myself to use it's to old and vintage looking and I think I'd like to just clean it and have it on display 
The one I chose is on old GE which you could use with your TV and had an antenna that you used with the TV as well I didn't bother using that
I videoed the whole process so here's the linkto my YouTube video

So I started off by pulling the radio apart and taking the whole inside out, then pulled all the parts off - all the wires, batteries, everything off the. circuit board Wow a lot of work goes into making an electrical product
I painted the radio with some Rusty Paper paint which I was going to make it all grunge and rusted looking but after glueing the parts onto the radio I changed my mind
There was too much detail in all the little bits and I liked the look of the different textures and details they had so I kept them that way
I mainly used the 450 Quick Dry Adhesive on everything as I hate waiting for things to dry and wanted to get things stuck LOL
I also added some Memory Maze Thistle Flowers for a different texture

I decided I wasn't happy with the Rust colour so I used some Aged Brass Art Alchemy Metallique Wax with a bristle brush over the whole radio and a little over some parts but not enough to cover them

Then for something different I added some Colour Blast Colour Bling Paste

Using a Stencil Girl Stencil - Go your own way Arrows by Mary C. Nasser

Well I hope you like my Radio I had a lot of fun doing this project

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will be back soon xx

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