Alice in Christmas Land

This set of printables I used is from Alice in Christmas Land from the Gecko Galz

This project is for Gecko Galz Scrapbooking I have also entered into the Quarterly challenge which is to create a shrine

They have a Facebook Challenge page make sure you check that out as well this has different challenges to enter 

Be sure to enter the challenges you have a chance to win a great prize from the Etsy store

 There are so many elements that I didn't use as there are so many different printables to use 
These are just three of the ten sheets we were given to use which I'm sure I will find a use for as I love Alice 

I love these Tim Holtz Idea-Ology Reliquary Domes they are so fantastic and can fit so much in them 

I used a door mold to show how Alice came in through the door at one stage in the book

There is a card printable and a metal crown

There are flowers to show that scene 

I had to put some little bottles for the 'drink me/ potions that Alice drinks throughout the story 

I added a mushroom printable that I fussy cut then added a metal teacup
And a white rabbit charm

I love hiding little bits that relate to the story that aren't obvious straight away but once you look you realize it is part of it all

Thank you for looking I hope you will come back again soon xx



Gecko Galz Design Team

 I've been lucky enough to have been chosen to be on the Gecko Galz Design Team and feel so lucky

Make sure you check out the blog and join in on the challenges there are plenty of different ones to enter 

You can create all or just one - ATCs, Steampunk, Card, Christmas, Stamp, Gothic and a quarterly challenge 

There is also a Facebook group that you can join where you can enter another challenge just for Facebook 

Then the Blog Hop which is a great way to see each designer's work - a great way to get inspiration and also receive free printables from each blog

Gecko Galz also has an Etsy Shop where you can buy their printables they have a wonderful variety of pictures to choose from so make sure to check them out

Gecko Galz also has a Pinterest page so make sure to check out that as well


 Long time since I blogged...

A lot has happened in the past 4 years

My son is now engaged and getting married next year and my daughter and her husband had a baby boy who is the light of my life 

So you will see lots of photos of him more than likely 

I have learned a new hobby, had a few family things, and now have a beautiful grandson who keeps me very busy

I stopped crafting due to the other hobby as I didn't have "time" as such to create with how much this other thing took over, I didn't realize how much I missed my mixed media art until now 

I had to stop the other hobby for a while it was getting too much pressure as it had a sales side of things with it and some people just made it not so enjoyable anymore and when a hobby becomes work it's no longer fun 

So now I'm back to what I love 

I got to go away with the bestie for a fun weekend of laughs and crafting 

I only created 4 things (1 was a challenge item for the weekend) but I was very social which is very good for me I usually keep to myself as I don't like to bother people I feel like I might be intruding but these ladies made me feel so comfortable and so relaxed I wanted to chat to them all

In the last 6 weeks, I managed to create quite a few pieces I gave most of them away which was great

Nice knowing they made someone happy and they aren't sitting in the cupboard collecting dust

A  couple of the pieces are from challenges which were a great start  

There were a couple more but I didn't get photos they got taken before I had a chance