Upcycled Insrtument for Helmar

Hi Everyone 

For my Helmar project I'm doing and Upcycled Instrument so I got a little guitar

I started of by painting the guitar with some black gesso the 
I used some Frank Garcia Artisan Powders in Umber and Clay to paint it so it sort of gave it a timber look

After I finished painting them on I then went outside and sprayed some Crystal Kote Fixative spray to make sure the powder is secure and won't come off (make sure you spray out in the open as it does have a bit of a smell)

 I then fussy cut some paper flowers and glued them on with Super Tac Glue
But once I had them on I didn't like them so with a nappy wipe I took them off and you couldn't even see where they were

GuitarflowerGuitar flowers

Guitar flowers1

I then started to paint my embellishments with the Finnabair Rust Paste in the brown, rust and a little of the patina I used chipboard  cogs from Memory Maze and some paperclay pieces that my mum made for me

GuitarcogsFILE0004_Moment (1)

Here I used some Acid Free Glue to add paper tape randomly over the guitar but it ends up getting covered with the embellishments


I had some pretty lace flower so I used the Fabric Glue  to stick them down with it's so tacky and they certainly won't be going anywhere

GuitarfaabricflowersGuitar fabricglue

I made a YouTube Video so you could see the whole process it's a nice short one and I'd really love it if you subscribed to my channel so you can keep up to date with what I've been doing

 So now for the finished product


And here is the Guitar in full with all the Helmar Glues I used on it


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